Romans cuir

Created in April 2012, the Romans Cuir consortium consists of entrepreneurs and partners from the leather sector. Its main aim is to organise and develop the leather, footwear and leather goods sector by uniting actors from the Romans area, while keeping an open mind about geographically expanding to include the Drôme, Ardèche, Rhône and Isère departments.

The consortium bears witness to the rebirth of the sector and strives to actively contribute to reviving local production through the development of ambitious projects and new emerging brands.

Current consortium members fall into various categories

  • Shoemakers
  • Leather goods manufacturers
  • Tanners and hardware suppliers
  • Training centres
  • Local authorities and other partners

Since its creation, Romans Cuir has held regular meetings to work on different topics such as :

  • A project for creating a common platform for marketing all the different footwear manufactured in the Romans area
  • Creating a purchasing group for buying manufacturing hardware or materials
  • Networking and visiting partner or member facilities

Romans Cuir was also 2013 winner of a call for projects launched by the French government entitled ‘Traditional French manufacturing expertise: regeneration and innovation’. The project led to an action plan called ‘Working with Romans shoemakers towards a new economic model’.